Share song

Be sure that you are in the "Songwriting" mode of the app.

Swipe up the sheet at the bottom of the screen and tap on the icon highlighted below.

If you don't see it, you must scroll the list of icons horizontally.

👉 In the following sheet, tap on "Share link".

👉 Tap on "Share link" or "Copy".

Receivers will need the TONALY iOS app.

Your song will still only be on your device. Changes to the song will not be synced to the link. If you (or the receiver) make some changes, you will need to send a new sharing link.

The link looks weird! That's all-right, the link contains a lot of information. It could be shorter, but then your song needs to be saved on a server. For your privacy, we will work with the long link. 🙂

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