In the app: Borrow a chord

How do I use "borrowed chords" within the TONALY app?

▶️ Borrow a chord

To insert a chord of a different mode, enter the chord edit overlay.

Be sure your app is at least updated to version 3.0.5

👉 Tap on "Borrow chord", if you don't see it, scroll "Chord - Bass note" menu horizontally.

👉 Select a key and a scale you want to generate chords of.

👉 You will find the chords based on the selected scale here. Select a chord you would like to add to your composition.

👉 Tap on "Insert chord".

👉 The chord will be inserted in the chord edit overlay. If you have selected a bar, it will already be updated in your composition. If not, select a bar for the chord. Sometimes it can happen that the root note will be enharmonically exchanged to fit into your song.

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