Enter the chord edit mode

Create chords like: Cm7, D13, Gsus4, G/B...

Be sure that you are in the "Songwriting" mode of the app.

▶️ Enter

To enter the chord, edit overlay, double-tap on a chord, in a bar, or in the wheel. Or tap on the "Modal Interchange" icon.

You can also long-press a chord or open the chord edit from the chord-length editor.

▶️ Edit

This is the "edit chord" overlay:

If this overlay looks differently:

Make sure your app is up to date (at least version 3.0.3)

Make sure you have selected "Chord" in the lower tabs. Not "Bass note".

⬇️ "Chord edit" features

pageChange root notepageChange qualitypageAdd chord extensions like 7th, 9th etc.pageGet a chord suggestionpageMute a chordpageCreate a slash chordpageIn the app: Borrow a chord

▶️ Save changes

Tap the ☑️ icon to save changes.

Tap the ❌ icon to discard changes. This will revert the song to the state it had before you have opened this overlay.

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