Error loading the app

The app is opening, but it says: "☹️ There was an error loading the app".

Close ALL apps which are currently running (including TONALY) and then restart TONALY.

You can reopen other apps afterward.

If the error still occurs, try to restart your phone after closing all apps.

I know that there is an issue, but unfortunately, it is not super easy to fix. This issue occurs if there is another app running that is using the same technology as this one. It should work after this particular app was closed.

So try to close all other apps which are currently running. Maybe, in some cases, it is necessary to restart the phone after closing all other apps.

I know that this is super annoying am I'm sorry for the inconvenience!

This issue will be fixed with the next update. App version 3.2.0.

If none of this is working for you and you have just purchased the app, you can reach out to Apple for a refund.