Get a chord suggestion

First, enter the chord edit overlay or select a bar and shake your device

▶️ Chord suggestions

Tap the shuffle icon or shake your device for a chord suggestion.

👉 You will enter the suggestions view

This horizontal list will display chord suggestions. If you have a bar selected, when asking for a suggestion, the app will have a look at the previous and next chord and will try to find matching chords. Also, it will display the relation of the chord to the next or previous chord.

👉 The suggestions are grouped in:

  • Top suggestions

    • This can be leading chords that fit the previous and the next chord. Those are mostly not within the key.

  • In key chords

    • Suggestions that are within the key.

  • Out of key chords

    • Suggestions that are not within the key and could give a new flavor to your song.

👉 The line below the chord will indicate how relevant this chord is related to the rest of your song.

▶️ Tap on the "shuffle icon" 🔀 or shake your device to get another suggestion.#

▶️ Tap on the "back icon" 🔙 to edit the selected chord.

You can add more chords that are not within the key with the "Borrow chord" functionality.

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