Save song

Be sure that you are in the "Songwriting" mode of the app.

▶️ Save a song

You don't actually need to save your song, as the app will save it automatically. If a new song is opened, you will be asked if you want to save your song or the changes to your song.

If you want to save the song anyways, be sure that you are in the "Songwriting" mode of the app, then swipe up the sheet at the bottom of the screen and tap on the icon highlighted below.

If you don't see it, you must scroll the list of icons horizontally.

👉 Start a new song after saving, if you want to compose from scratch.

Songs will only be saved on your device. If you delete the app, you will also remove your saved songs. Use the sharing function to open songs on a different device.

▶️ Change the name of a saved song

To change the name, make sure you have the latest app version. Open the song, then tap on "save" (see above). In the following overlay, you can change the song name and tap "Save".

▶️ Save as new song

If you've made changes on an already saved song and want to save it as a new one you can do it like this:

👉 Then enter a new name for the song and save.

▶️ Open a saved song

You will find your songs in the sidebar menu and "Saved songs".

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