Create a slash chord

First, enter the chord edit overlay.

▶️ Choosing a different bass note for a chord

You can set a different bass note for a particular chord. If you do so, you will create a so-called "Slash-chord". Slash chords can sound awesome. You can even create odd chords by selecting a bass note which is not within the chord.

To access the bass note editor, enter the chord edit mode ant tap on "Bass note":

You can now select a different tone as a bass note. Initially, only tones that are part of the chord are displayed:

▶️ Select a tone that is not part of the chord

If you want to set a bass note that is not part of the chord, you can open the 🔒 "lock" to have every tone available.

▶️ Reset/delete a slash chord

Tap this icon to remove the bass note from a chord:

Q: I'm selecting a different bass note, but don't hear a difference!

A: Sometimes, the app plays the bass note in the same octave as the chord. Then you won't hear a difference. This depends on the key you are composing in, and on the octave, you have set in the musical preferences under "Auto voice-leading".

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