Auto inversions (voice-leading)

Default setting: ON; Octave: C3

To find this setting, navigate to the "Musical preferences".

The app will create an automated voice-leading from one chord to the next.

This will create automated inversions. Explicit inversions for certain chords are not yet possible.

What does voice leading mean?

If we go from one chord to another for example from "C major" to "G major" it would look like this:

The distance between the chord tones is quite large. This is why the change will sound kind of odd.

If we have a look at the chord tones, we will see, that the tones of "C major" (C-E-G) and the tones of "G major" (G-B-D) are actually not so far away from each other if we just play some of them an octave lower.

Let's have a look at how this would look like:

The C of "C major" becomes the B of "G major".

The E of "C major" becomes the D of "G major".

The G of "C major" remains and will be the root of "G major".

In this way, we have a much smoother transition between the chords.

This is called "Voice-leading" or "Inversions".

You can also adjust the octave of the playback here.

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